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    Chile is a land of extremes, beauty, and mistery.

    If you’re a nature lover or enjoy outdoor activities, Chile is a paradise. This can include skiing, fishing, hiking, climbing, camping, golfing, tennis, surfing, sailing, kayaking, or just seeing the beautiful sights from the comfort of your car.

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Spanish Language School in Santiago, Chile

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Considered Latin America's most progressive country, Chile offers the student modern amenities while still holding onto an important colonial and indigenous past. The economic growth of the past decades has given Chile first world health and safety conditions and foreigners have little trouble adjusting.

Our school is located in Santiago, the capital of Chile, and provides an ideal setting:
  • Centrally located five blocks from Plaza Italia.
  • Quiet side street in a residential neighborhood of Providencia.
  • Close to many restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Easily accessible by major bus routes and the Metro (Station: Bustamante).
At the foot of the Andes and only 100 km from the ocean, Santiago provides all of the big-city attractions of nightlife, culture, and fine restaurants while also serving as a convenient point for starting day or weekend trips to Chile's world-famous nature.

An extremely friendly population, low cost of living, and great travel opportunities give students a unique experience in Chile!

Santiago Plus Spanish Language School, Chile

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Santiago is a very efficient city by South American standards, and you’ll have no trouble finding your way around. You will find Santiago a blend of contrasts, old colonial and ultra modern, energizing street scenes and quite parks, elegant shopping and street markets, exciting nightlife and romantic restaurants.

Combined with beautiful countryside and the majestic Andes to explore just minutes from the city, what better place to learn Spanish than in Santiago?

Our Santiago Plus Spanish Language School is conveniently located in the neighborhood of Providencia, which is a combination of upscale business high-rises and elegant shopping mixed with quite, tree lined residential streets. We are located just a few blocks from Santiago's modern and efficient metro system, which provides easy access to downtown. We are also only a five-minute walk from one of the city’s most popular hot spots, Suecia, where there are reportedly some 50 restaurants and night clubs located in a five square block area.

Our modern, world-class facilities include 17 fully equipped classrooms with central air-conditioning and heating, plus student access to fax, phone, e-mail and the Internet.

Spanush language courses offered: private instruction, group instruction, a combination of private and group instruction, and ever-popular executive and immersion courses. In addition to our standard Spanish classes in Santiago, we also offer special workshops. These can be on such subjects as the poetry of Pablo Neruda, Chilean/Latin American folklore, current events, etc. These workshops are designed to be enjoyed by students at most levels of Spanish and therefore utilize audio/visual aids and are very hands-on and student interactive.

Spanish Language Programs in Valparaiso, Chile

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We offer individual one-to-one Spanish Language immersion programs and customized courses of Spanish Language and Chilean Culture for closed groups throughout the year (except February). The use of direct methods provides students with the personal attention they need.

Our students will be housed with a Chilean family in the city of Viña del Mar, the residential counterpart to urban Valparaíso.

Spanish Language Programs in Valparaíso are provided by the Consortium's Study Abroad and Spanish Language Learning Center at the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso .

We also offer university based semester, academic year and summer programs, including short-term Open Spanish Language and Culture courses in small groups in January (3 weeks) and May - July (4 weeks).

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