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Spanish Language School in Montevideo

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Learning Spanish at our Spanish Language School in Montevideo, Uruguay means not only learning Spanish at a proficient level, but also practicing your favorite sport, discovering the locality, meeting people and learning more about the Uruguayan lifestyle to which the local people with their hospitality will welcome you. Come and join us!

Bordered by the enormous territories of Argentina and Brazil, by large rivers and by the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay is located in a privileged setting in South America. People are astonished by the pure white sand of its beaches, the dunes alternating with creeks and its small bays with peaceful waters.

The capital city, Montevideo, has recently been declared as the second safest capital city in the world. Security is also complemented by the high standard of health in Uruguay, due to the good quality of its tap water, perfectly drinkable and its complete sanitation system.

Montevideo is a beautiful green city which offers a wide range of cultural and sporting activities. The School is situated in a prestigious area of Montevideo called: "Positos". This is a residencial area where you can find different Embassy's, bars, restaurants, shops and the university of Architecture. It is well known for it's safety and exciting night life.

The school itself is a nice old house with two floors and has 5 classrooms, an office and recreation room with library. There is a nice terrace and big yard where students can spend their breaks or meet after classes. This is also a place for meetings (welcome drink on the first day) and barbeques or paella's on friday evenings.

The School is located in 20 to 30 minutes walking distance from the main Center of Montevideo.

The beach with its pure, white sand and its dunes is also in a walking distance from the school as well as many sport facilities. Our School is a perfect place to learn Spanish and enjoy a wonderful way of life of the Uruguayans.

All our teachers are specialists in teaching foreigners. Their experience, kindness, motivation and confidence makes learning a real pleasure.

We use a communicative method, allowing the student to feel confident in all situations by emphasizing the use of practical application. Your needs and requirements are determined, so that whichever teaching method is applied, learning is easy.

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