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Spanish Language School in Cuzco

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Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, is one of the most fascinating cities of Latin America. Just two blocks from the city center, travelers and students meet each other in the traditional bars where you can feel the welcoming warmth of the locals. In Cuzco, you will step back in time, with its inhabitants wrapped in multicolor blankets passing by with their llamas. You absolutely can not miss this unique opportunity.

El Cuzco, the region with the most beautiful countryside on the planet crowned by six mountains more than 6,000 metres above sea level, it is the oldest city in the western hemisphere and the origin of the Inca civilisation.

The school is located in a colonial building at only one block from the main square, the 'Plaza de las Armas' Part of the building is dedicated to student accommodation. The school has 25 classrooms of different sizes, the smaller ones being uses for individual lessons. The school is equipped with a multimedia classroom, a very spacious meeting room, a sunny terrace, and a café "La Tertulia" the perfect meeting point for students.

Spanish Language courses available: Spanish for General Purposes: intensive courses; Spanish for Life; individual Spanish language training; Work Experience: Volunteer programs in Peru.

The school is a site for the Multi-City Program in Spain and Peru.

The School also offers the exceptional opportunity to follow the Spanish Program at three different locations in Peru, each highlighting a different aspect of Peruvian culture: the beautiful city of Cuzco, the rainforest of Manu and the picturesque village of Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

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